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The Parliament of NSW ( Portfolio Committee No:6 ) “Road Tolling Regimes Inquiry” Committee has agreed to accept this as a late submission to their inquiry and I hope for great things from their report in due course.

Please find attached my latest September 2021 Press Release - "Fed's Buying Transurban using Quantitative Easing ( QE ) could cut all tolls by over 80%"


Transurban is the almost total monopoly operator of private tollways across Australia, and the tolls on its newest expressways are the highest in the world.
Yet these huge tolls are firmly contracted to double in 19 years and triple by the end of their 40 year leases!
A burden that would cause huge hardship, and family breaking distress, for millions of lower income families across the nation living out from the centres of major cities.


The attached document shows the advantages of a federal purchase of Transurban by using Quantitative Easing ( QE ), free funds already being generated by the Reserve Bank.
Quantitative Easing ( QE ) is explained in the attached press release.
After this purchase, federal operation of the tollways would need only family friendly federal tolls at about quarter of current private tolls with only slow growth thereafter.
By extending our current use of QE in this way we would be following the lead of the USA, UK, Canada, Europe and Japan who have relied on QE for years to support their economies in times of special need, like the present.

To see the full explanation of the proposal please click on the following item....

Fed's buying Transurban using Quantitative Easing ( QE ) could cut all tolls by over 80%
- September 2021

Private tolls to double in 16 years but would drop to a quarter if Federal Govt bought and ran Transurban as a public service entity
- April 2021

Low or no Tolls on QE funded expressways
- December 2020

Tolls 70% cheaper if new toll roads fully federally owned

May 2020

Full federal funding for affordable tolls on M4 WestConnex*

  - Revision, 6th September 2017

20 Year borrow and build plan gives affordable transport, jobs and growth

  - Revised version - Substantial revision, Updated 6th September 2017

Building Australia's Infrastructure for the Future
6th Warren Hogan Memorial Lecture, Department of Economics, University of Sydney
Address by Annabel Spring, Group Executive Wealth Management, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

            October 24, 2016

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